Dreams are forgotten with harsh reality.

Doji Mizobu, the Crane Champion died due to Spring Fever after returning from Kyuden Bayushi, leaving Doji Raigu to assume his role as leader of the Crane clan. Hida Tadaka, the Crab Champion, was a fitting match and the war needed all of Raigu’s attention.

The project of Bakufu laid forgotten.

The young Paragons of the Alliance continued their mission, aimless and leaderless, inefficient and on their separate ways.

Matsu Susumara defeated the household guard of House Senzo with brutal efficiency, killing Seppun Bekon with a single cut. Sadly, Kyabetsu’s wife, Otomo Mikka, escaped during the combat. For her services Susumara was awarded a magistrate position at Toshi Ranbo. After a few years there, she handed it back to House Kagami; Matsu Onohime saw fit to hand such position to Matsu Hanadaire.

Doji Mikan was good as courtier as expected, and worked tirelessly to gain supporters for the Clan War. When Senzo Suyho was found hiding amongst the Isawa, Mikan was the one tasked with getting him back. Facing Isawa disgruntled with the Shiba authority and the Alliance, Mikan persuaded them that marrying the young Suyho into the Isawa was not enough to erase the taint of treachery. Not pleased, the Isawa finally accepted and the young man was executed. For her services the Nobuyuki received Far Paddy Village near Dragon lands – an old Senzo holding; House Nobuyuki moved there in exile.

Kakita Naomi was tasked with hunting down Otomo Annin. It was a long chase, not because the young Matsu-trained Otomo was running away or hiding, but because she was on a quest on her own; chasing a thief that had the audacity to steal from the Miya. Naomi finally waylaid Otomo Annin when she was returning from the Islands of Spice and Silk; the Crane was surprised by how pleasant Annin was. They dueled and Annin committed seppuku; as a final request, Annin asked Naomi to deliver the stolen propriety and the head of the thief – an helm, which the dead thief was still wearing. Naomi was later awarded a position as magistrate at Ryoko Owari, but she never stepped in the city: the position was taken by a not-so-pleased Kakita Shino.

Asako Inu was given free rein to wander Rokugan, which he used to help others across the Emrald Empire – and increase the reputation of the Triple Alliance. He saved so many lives that Doji Raigu and the Asako family greately increased the stippend of House Hattori. As such, both Inu and his House had a small windfall. Inu his also one of the few Paragons which is universaly accepted – even by those that hate the Alliance.

Shosuro Miki followed Shosuro Rio in a tour across the Empire, sponsored by the Scorpion Champion himself. At each castle, palace or city they stopped, Rio actors acted for the influent while Miki catered to their desires and greed. Soon she had not only a nice network of information and blackmail for Bayushi Atsuki, she had found three excellent servants that would help her in the future.


Daemonfey Daemonfey

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