House Hattori of Asako




House Hattori was founded by Asako Hattori, a valiant pacifist and healer of low status and profile, who heeded the call of a high-ranking phoenix lord. His only daughter was terribly sick, cursed by a maho-tsukai who wanted revenge on the father who had before crushed his sect. Where neither magic nor simple medicine would heal the girl, Hattori vowed to find a cure, even at the cost of his own life, furious at how an innocent girl was suffering for actions that were not her own. He scoured the land looking for anything that would help, but the answer came to him as he fell asleep in a forest, exhausted and weary of his long search. It was there that he was approached by a curious spirit from Chikushudo in form of a human, drawn in by his intrusion into her realm, and asked him of his business.
Hattori was smitten by the beauty of the otherworldy being and told her of his vow, the spirit listening carefully to judge his intentions and character. As the story came to a finish, the shapeshifter revealed her true nature and offered him a proposal: She would help him cure the girl, and in turn become her mate. Hattori did not hesitate, and the two of them went to fullfill his duty together.
Through a combination of otherworldly powers and hattoris medicine, the curse was finally broken and the girl saved. Thankful, the lord offered to reward the saviours of his kin. It was then that Hattori asked for him to bless their marriage and the founding of his own house that would uphold his ideals. That is how House Hattori came into existance.

House Hattori is known for:
-Medicine: Every descendant is taught the fundamentals of medicine, regardless of actual school choice, as to honor the origins of house Hattori.
-Twins: While the reason for this is unknown, the members of house Hattori are producing more twin-births than many other samurai. In all cases, both children turn out different from each other, sometimes drastically.
-Shugenja: While Hattori was not a shugenja, his wifes blood introduced a new gift into his bloodline – the ability to speak to the kami. Though not everyone in house Hattori is capable of elemental magic, it happens often enough to be known.
-Pacifism: Many members of house Hattori embrace the pacifism that is the philosophy of the phoenix, sometimes even in extremer forms that usual.
-Wandering: Wandering is a sacred tradition and right of house Hattori, reflecting the long journey Hattori himself took to help another. All members of the house are expected to leave home and wander at some point in their life, though the duration and actual departure are completely up to the individual.


Matsu Akane & Asako Hiraku
Matsu Akane was a respected soldier of the lion armies and while fearsome in combat never had any talent or status to distinguish herself from the common rank&file soldiers. After a particular ferocious battle, she found herself as last of her entire unit, surrounded and buried under corpses, wounded and left for dead. Dragging herself on for hours to no end, she was finally retrieved, though the experience left her without her voice and with a distaste to what was formerly her entire life – war and death. Vowing to herself she would never kill another man again, she went to a monestary to retire. On her path, however, she met Asako Hiraku, an Asako of gentle soul, and both fell for each other. They lived together many years, becoming parents of twin-daughters, before Akane and Hiraku finally retired to a monestary together.

Kitsune Shin & Asako Yuzuki:
Asako Yuzuki shared the gift to speak to the kami of her father, but also the undenyable martial talent and pride of her mother. She was quickly drafted into the isawa school for further studies. However, the only thing yuzuki desired was more freedom, and soon after her gempukku she left to wander the lands to find her place. As she grew older and did not return, her family grew worried that she was not yet married and demanded she found a husband. Disgusted with the sudden demand, she sent word that she would only marry once she found a husband that could find her and disappeared.
Soon the story of the wild Asako that would not be tamed reached the ears of a young kitsune by the name of shin. Intrigued by her tale, he set out to find her. Kitsune Shin was aided by the fact that his father was a shapeshifter of the same realm that once was hattoris bride, and he felt his blood resonate to the blood of the hattori line. Aided by this and the tracking skills of the fox, he travelled for a year and a day before he found and approached her, answering her question of “Who are you?” only with “Your husband”. Yuzuki was sufficiently impressed and returned home, where the marriage could be made official.
Shins patient and normally submissive nature were a good match for Yuzukis hot-headed love for freedom, and from the marriage which in time cooled her temper originated new offspring. Asako Inu and Asako Ookami, born as twins, and Asako Kirin, their younger brother. However, all three children bear mark of the newly reinforced ties to another spirit realm in their character and behaviour.

Asako Hiraki & Shiba Kasuki:
Asako Hiraki, unlike her twin-sister, was born without the ability to speak to the kami, and without many notable talents except for her gift to write. She was as mild-mannered and unremarkable as someone can be, and did not object as she was married to Shiba Kasuki, a shiba yojimbo of noble heart. At first regarding her husband as nothing more than a nessessary distraction from her writings, she soon came to appreciate him for his dedication and good nature, traits she admired in the actors of her pillow books. Kasuki in turn appreciated the quiet and empathic nature of his wife, and admired her for her creativity and ability to seal emotions into her caligraphy and stories. They produced 2 children, Asako Yuu and Asako Hayate, born as twins.

Asako Inu:
An Isawa-trained shugenja, twin of Asako Ookami. He chose his name after his sister, and inherited much of the nature of his father Shin, being and intuitive and submissive as long as something isn’t conflicting with ideals he holds close to heart. He chose to specialize in water to honor the origins of the house.

Asako Ookami:
Not much is known about Asako Ookami, else than that she left shortly after her gempukku with possebly only her twin knowing about her whereabouts. She came after her proud and reckless mother, inheriting the martial talent of her matsu grandma over the ability to speak to the kami. The influence of shapeshifter blood seemed to have awoken powerful instincts inside her which more often than not got the better of her in her youth, leaving everyone to wonder just what to do with this child. While not being officially “cast out” or made ronin, it should be noted that she refused to learn at the shiba bushi school after she got severly reprimanded for nearly killing her training partner in a sparring.

Asako Kirin:
A single child born a year after his brother and sister, Asako Kirin is a very promising Shugenja of stallwart will and tireless determination. He seems to obsess about purity and has a bottomless hate for anything tainted.

Asako Yuu:
Twin of Hayate. A promising and dedicated shiba bushi, the pride of his father and mother.

Asako Hayate:
Being born without much aptitude with a blade or any ability to speak with the kami, he was approached by an asako henshin who sensed hidden potential and kharmic weight in the boy. Hayate was soon accepted into the secretive order and now finds closure in his quest for enlightenment and the path of men.

House Hattori of Asako

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