House Masegawa of Asako


Masegawa of asako

Dynasty Trait: Touch of the Spirt Realms (Meido)

Asako Masegawa
Knowledgeable in the history and laws of the Empire; was able to find precedent on several occasions in the imperial histories in order to aid the Pheonix Clan in court. Studious above all else, he has taught all his children that the truth is the source of power. Was granted the right to form a house after uncovering several documents which secured Pheonix interests in a dangerous political climate.

Shiba Kaori
Formerly Masegawa’s yojimbo, the two grew very close over the years. Balances out Masegawa’s eccentricities with practical behaviour and runs a tight household. While the husband and wife fight from time to time privatley, they stand fiercly together when facing the outside world.

Asako Masami
Eldest Sibling
Loremaster specializing in ancient Imperial Law. Masegawa favors her to lead the family after his and Kaori’s retirement. Cold and distant to the rest of the world, she only truly opens up to her siblings and her son, Sango.

Shiba Toson
Masami’s Husband
An unassuming bushi of moderate skill. His is a typical arranged marriage.

Asako Hisoka
Second eldest sibling
Loremaster specializing in Rokugani history. Passionatley persued Shiba Monoru as her husband and was able to manuever her way into marriage with him. The opposite of her elder sister, she thrives for challenge and relishes her work deciphering the various clan histories of past events to learn the truth.

Shiba Monoru
Hisoka’s Husband
Hisoka’s yojimbo, lover, and eventual husband. Monoru worked with her to find a way to be together.Together with Hisoka he has fathered three children.

Asako Koroko
Third Eldest Sibling
A Loremaster Specializing in Pheonix Clan histories. She is a bit dissapointed that her children have taken after her mother and their father, becoming bushi rather than loremasters.

Daidoji Tsukai
Koroko’s Husband
Married into Masegawa’s family as part of a political arrangement. Takes great pleasure in knowing that his children are following the path of the sword. He and his wife do not see eye to eye on most things.

Asako Kage
Youngest Sibling
Born with a surprising connection to the Kami. Trained at the Isawa school and excelled. Won Agasha Mika’s heart at winter court after beating her in a Tairyu-jiai duel and courted her successfully. His sisters helped him arrange the marriage and she married into Kage’s family.

Agasha Mika
A fiery woman who approaches everything with zeal. A nearly unmatched Tairyu-jiai duelist, she is pround and powerful, only ever conceeding twice in her life: the first time to Kage as the better duelist, and to him again as the man who won her heart. Her husband and her have produced three sons, all shugenja.

Asako Sango
Outgoing and friendly to everyone, he studies art and literature from the dawn of the empire hoping to uncover the truth behind the rivalries the clans have with one another.

Asako Takako
The eldest of Hisoka’s and Minoru’s children, approached life and her work with cold, professional detachment. Though she may not show it she loves her family deeply and is feircly protective of them.

Asako Setsuko
Hisoka and Minoru’s youngest child. She has no one field of interest, instead hopping from study to study. A generalist, she knows a little bit about everything there is to know about.

Asako Mika
A promising young bushi that trained extensivly with the naginata.

Asako Mitsuru
A bushi known for his quick movements, he practices constantly to be the best duelist he can.

Asako Maki
Maki takes after his mother in almost every way. He is passionate, dedicated and will let nothing get in his way.

Asako Kyou
Uncompromising, Kyou expects the best from himself and is dedicated to becoming the best shugenja he can.

Asako Takemaru
One of the very rare ishi, those capable of communing with the void. Studies Tairyu-dueling as he feels it is the best way to truly comprehend the connection between the void and the other elements.


House Masegawa of Asako

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