House Nobuyuki of Doji


The Nobuyuki dynasty

Dynasty bloodline trait – inner gift

Headed by Nobuyuki – patriarch of the family

A senior Doji courtier who advices the ruler of Wall Above the Ocean Village. Doji Nobuyuki is calm, collected and shrewd. He can work a court like a lesser samurai might work their chopsticks. He is usually too busy handling the affairs and government of his post to manage much family in detail. He is also past usual retirement age and deciding on his successor.

- Doji Rin – An Asako who married into the family through Nobuyuki. She is a quiet older woman who performs her duties faithfully, seeing to the family estate and finances. She has a large personal library which she spends a good deal of time in. She seems to have a fascination with woodblock prints.

They had 3 children:

Doji Makoto – Trained in the sword at the Kakita Academy and now accompanies ambassadorial missions, handling any duels that are necessary. She is a very reserved and proper woman, her eyes always sharply observing her surroundings. Her only child is Doji Mikan.

- Doji Shigeru – Makoto’s husband. Something of an oddity in the family, he trained with the Dragon. He spent many summers home arguing with Makoto and even sparring with her, both in disagreement over the superior fighting and duelling style – Kakita’s or Mirumoto’s. In the end the two were married. Shigeru acts as a yojimbo to a ranking Asahina shugenja at present, so he sees his family little.

Doji Sora – She is the only one in the family who studied at the Daidoji school. In contrast to this she is light hearted and loves to laugh. Although she has seen skirmishes and handled a number of scouting missions, Sora loves her family and Clan and always remembers she is protecting them. She values culture above all things and spends all her spare time attending plays, poetry recitals and viewing painting galleries. She has two children.

- Doji Ryota – A dull man whose most notable point is his lack of talent in court. He trained as a courtier but only just succeeded in pleasing his sensei. He has only just succeeded in pleasing his family. He has gotten into trouble a number of times for asking too many questions. Rumors suggest him and his wife do know see eye to eye often.

Doji Mitsuru – The third child and only son of Nobuyuki, Mitsuru trained as a courtier like his father. Though he is only a diplomat at present it is widely suspected he will be nominated as Nobuyuki’s successor. He has an intense fondness for sweets and plumwine, often using them to become closer to those he seeks agreements with. He has two children..

- Doji Sakura – A simple woman and artisan. Sakura spends her time painting. She gets on well with Doji Sora, the two often meeting to attend the same events together. They write each other often too. Sakura is much loved in Kyuden Doji where her works are increasingly popular.

Doji Mikan – Daughter to Doji Makoto

Doji Chikane – Elder child of Doji Sora. She takes more after her mother. An accomplished archer, she nonetheless was made to study with the Kakita as her mother considered their school more prestigious and leading to better opportunities. Chikane is quite headstrong and overbearing.

Doji Yoshito – Son to Doji Sora. A pleasant boy who has just passed his gempukku as a Doji courtier. He excelled at a very young age and is nothing like his father. He is noted as having a calm and balanced mind, much like his grandfather.

Doji Haruki – The only child in the family with any magical ability. He trained with the Asahina. He is a little brooding and something of a kimono chaser. Nonetheless he is Mitsuru’s favourite. He has already been married to another with the gift of the kami. The family hopes to secure more like Haruki.

- Doji Rika – Formerly Kakita Rika, she detests her new husband. Two years his senior, she is fully aware of his habits already and resents having to leave her family. She tries her best to honor Haruki but it is not easy. Rika is a very compassionate and kind hearted person deep down, with a strong sense of principle.

Doji Ayao – Mitsuru’s neglected second son. He strives to stand out with a strong list of deeds in his lifetime. He has only just finished his gempukku with the Doji magistrates and hopes his family can secure him a yoriki position somewhere.


House Nobuyuki of Doji

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