House Senzo of Otomo

We come from Hantei Genji, you know?


Dynasty Trait: Heart of Vengeance
Demesne: Multiple Magistrate Titles (Influence 2, Many Status 2-3 Positions)


House senzo

The Family

Otomo Mikka: A homely woman with amber eyes and hair. She is cheerful and very proper, the perfect wife; she was allowed to marry by love and is considered blessed by the Fortunes

Otomo Kyabetsu: A Magistrate of the Inner City of Otosan Uchi, and listening to him, the only person responsible for keeping the peace in the most holy of cities. Actually a buffoon and a arrogant jerkass, he hides behind the shield of “A House descendant from Hantei Genji!”. On an unrelated note, all records on Kyabetsu lineage have dissipated from the Imperial Archives…

Otomo Suyho: A very pleasant and polite young man and a very talented shugenja. Due to his air and water mastery he was currently requesting favors for training with the Isawa Tensai.

Otomo Annin: The oposite of her older brother, young and lovely Annin has a brave and very active behavior. Sometimes very aggressive, but always with honorable intent on her heart.

Otomo Ryoji: A talented painter and hero of the people, Ryoji has been missing for the last ten years. His daughter with a mysterious woman was raised by the rest of the family.

Otomo Ideko: Junior magistrate working under her uncle. Also an astrologist and slightly insane, haunted by prophetic dreams.

The Household Guard

Seppun O-Toemato: The captain of the House Senzo Honor Guard, an old man with a magnificent beard and a perpetual sneer. Considers himself the best fighter in Otosan Uchi.

Seppun Retason: The only yojimbo that actually seems to pull their weight around, Retason would be almost bearable, wasn’t for her insistence to add boku to every phrase she utters. It is quite annoying.

Seppun Bekon: House Senzo doesn’t talk about Bekon.

House Senzo of Otomo

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