House Tansaku of Yogo




Tansaku family;

Age: 48
Profession: Head scribe at yogo towers.
Description: A timid yet plain woman who prefers her solitude.

Kigai (yogo)
Age: 47
Profession: House samurai
Description: A supporting husband and strict father, he lacks the ability to commune with the kami.

Fujiko (yogo)
Age: 26
Profession: House samurai
Description: Strict with the everyday running of her household and fussy with the rearing of her child.

Age: 28
Profession: Researcher
Description: A expert on the subject of curses and such, currently teaching his knowledge to younger researchers.

Age: 6
A young boy in the care of the gozoku as a political prisoner.

Age: 4
A young boy

Age: 24
Profession: Sensei
Description: Teaches young students and even a number of ronin who he teaches out of a old run-down dojo, ultimately very talented at teaching and so is set to become a sensei in his old age.

Age: 6
A very young ronin pupil of Nobuyori’s, he lives with the other ronin students who care for him.

Chikuma (Mirumoto)
Age: 28
Profession: Shinsengumi
Description: Loves her son and has grown content with life now she has saved him from the gozoku and set his future right. She has forgotten she was ever married at this point and seeks only to be of use to her lords in the scorpion who she is finally at ease with.

Age: 8
Profession: student.
Description: Being taught by the shiba artisans.

Toyotomi (Hida)
Age: 35
Profession: House samurai
Description: Gentle and sickly, he dotes on his children, he spends much of his days in bed due to poor health and commands the servants from his bedroom.

Age: 31
Profession: Daimyo
Description: Maintains the estates and library and handles all family matters well, has a defeatist aura about her from her neurotic personality.

Hiro sisters
Age: 9
Profession: children
Description: Three girls who seem to have the gift for the kami.

Age: 5
Profession: child
Description: Has taken an active interest in medicine and various other studies in order to help his father.

Age: 30
Profession: Clan Yoriki
Description: Works in the villages south of beiden where he has a lot of freedom in how to operate, he has become popular with the commoners there.

Katsuka (Kakita)
Age: 24
Profession: house samurai
Description: retired from dueling due to a injury impacting on her ability to perform.

Age: 4
Profession: Child
Description: A healthy and adventurous child.

Age: 1
Profession: baby
Description: She’s a baby.

Age: 27
Profession: Researcher
Description: After her journey to the shadowlands she stayed with the kuni for a number of years and has gained some new insight into the nature of the yogo curse. She is now utterly devoted to finding the solution for it.

House Tansaku of Yogo

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