House Tomiko of Shosuro


Family tree

Shosuro Tomiko: The matriarch of her family, named for herself. Before her birth, her family simply served as spies, as observers, as provocateurs; but Tomiko’s relentless intolerance for failure and incompetence in herself, as well as those around her, resulted in her building up an impressive array of her own informations, and her own information.

Bayushi Suiteiru: A husband who was trained from youth as a bushi; but he never showed any great skill. Nor any great skill as a duelist, nor any great skill as a scholar, nor as an agent of stealth. Instead, without excelling, he served quietly – and was married to Tomiko to do his duty and produce children. And to provide a bit of a moderating influence on her.

Shosuro Kagako: The first daughter of Tomiko. She was trained to be a seductress once she blossomed at a young age; and married off to a Tono who would be rather understanding of how she would flit through the court.

Shosuro Ume: A cunning Courtier who has had the value of information drilled into her deeply by her mother. A woman with a reputation of knowing exactly who can accomplish what, and by how. – [HOSTAGE]

Shosuro Ebizo: A somewhat paranoid, over-cautious planner with a talent for archery work; he is known to consider the permutation of everything on the battlefield to an absurd degree, and is being observed – with amusement – in his place as a gunso.

Shosuro Nanae: A rather terrifying, stocky woman who enjoys it that way, operating as a Scorpion clan magistrate. Vicious when it comes to dealing with people who try to deceive her, or even question her too closely.

Shosuro Koiso: An author of moderate repute – and infamy, for rumors that she is basing her works, often including scandalous details being revealed or concealed with great effort – primarily off of events happening at court in this era. Nobody has been positively identified yet as being a ‘guest star’ of her work, whoever.

Shosuro Denhei: One of the few in his family to have the gift of the kami, and was sent to train with the Soshi. Has a keen eye for creative usages of magic, and being a sufficient addict of Shogi that he once convinced air kami to aid in playing a game with a friend…while both were mounted on a patrol. Was married to another shugenja from the Phoenix.

Shosuro Daisuke: A studious master of ikebana and bonsai trimming, mastering the delicate arrangement and harvesting of many types of flora; rumors of handling anything other then simply flowers and bonsai, however, are greatly exaggerated. He puts his training with a sword second to a garden, but for this, the courts are thankful.

Shosuro Sasako: A surprisingly straightforward young samurai-ko; practicing swordwork that is a mixture of Crane and Scorpion styles, with reputation for making unusual use of her speed.

Shosuro Suki: A pretty if unassuming Shosuro woman with no secrets or odd behavior whatosever, despite expectations; and is currently expecting her first child in the next few months, happily being the first of her generation in this family to give birth.

House Tomiko of Shosuro

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