Forbidden Options

Some more common options make no sense in the Vth Century:


  • Dragon: Kitsuki and Tamori families aren’t available;
  • Phoenix: Agasha family belongs to the Dragon Clan
  • Mantis: No Yoritomo family; use the Gusai family as presented in Great Clans
  • Spider: None.
  • Vassal Families: Only families founded before the V century


Crab: Toritaka Exorcist isn’t available.

Crane: Empress Guard had yet to be founded.

Dragon: No Kitsuki Investigators, Tamori Shugenjas. Militant Agasha priests might take the Tamori paths and advanced schools.

Lion: Lion’s Shadows aren’t available.

Mantis: Tsuruchi Hunter and Bounty Hunter aren’t available. Storm Rider isn’t available. The Centipede, Fox and Mantis schools are available to the respective Minor Clans.

Phoenix: Asako Henshin aren’t available.

Scorpion: Bitter Lies Swordsman and the Kuroiban aren’t available.

Spider: All schools forbidden.

Unicorn: All schools forbidden.

Imperial: Imperial Scion isn’t available. All Magistrate and Champion options aren’t available, only the Imperial Legionnaires not being taken over by Gozoku administration.

Monks: All available.

Minor Clan: Ichido Bushi, Kasuga Smuggler, Komori Shugenja, Morito Bushi, Suzumi Bushi, Toku Bushi, Toritaka Bushi, Tsi Smith, Usagi Bushi or Minor Clan Defender.


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Forbidden Options

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