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Season Two Schedule

Ki-Rin Christmas SpecialTBA

Winter: Winter Court 402 – Kyuden Asako

Spring: Tsubasa vs Otosan Uchi

Summer: The Spider’s War

Autumn: TBA

Season One AAR

Timeline of Recent Events

Every samurai should know the most recent political events, in order to know the relationship between clans.

The Clans At The Beginning Of The Vth Century

House Rules

Taryu-jiai duels

The Etiquette of Social Interaction

Insight Calculation

Skills at rank 1 do not add to insight. Once a skill has been raised to rank 2, they contribute full insight. This means a skill at rank 1 is worth 0 insight, however a skill at rank 2 is worth 2 points, rank 3 is worth 3, and so on.


Characters that have a bow as part of their outfit also have at least 20 Willow Leaf arrows in case their outfits doesn’t include already any arrows.
Bows obtained by Extra Equipment don’t carry extra arrows.
Ninja schools select a school from their clan. They start with a single non-weapon item from their outfit. They might also replace up to two of their outfit items with a non-weapon item from that second school outfit.

Restricted Options

Some options are considered restricted. There require either in-game Favors/Allies or the use of Kharma Points when making a new character.

Karma Points

For every session you play a character, that character gains one Kharma Point. When this character dies, all his Kharma Points move towards a new character, that may use them for XP or to unlock Restrict options. A newly created character may only receive Kharma Points from a single character; only newly created characters might receive Kharma Points. You can divide Kharma Points amongst any number of newly created characters.

Non-accidental deaths:

Significant Deaths: If a death of a character has a purpose and accomplishes something in the larger scheme, that character gets 1 Kharma Point.

Honorable Death: A honorable death warrants the character 2 Kharma Points.

Crafting Rules (And Others)

Details on what to do with your free time.

Time Units

How much time is free time?

The Dynasty

Rules on family and passing the torch.

The kind of currency which Samurai care about.

Forbidden Options

New Options

Extra Equipment – Advantage
Jinton Kishi – Ronin Path
Shinsen-Gumi – Path
The Ancestral Way of The Ki-Rin – Ki-Rin School
Silken Way – Ronin Courtier
Silk Mother – Ronin Courtier Advanced School
Otomo Astrologer – Courtier Path

Main Page

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