Otomo Astrologer


The Otomo family has still a very limited role, but their blood ties to the Hantei are stronger than many other eras. A few selected Otomo have a strong connection to the Heavens to know how to speak their language and ward the Emperor and his kin from supernatural influences. If they can’t protect him from conspiracies, at least they can ward him from Jigoku.

Replaces: Otomo Courtier 4
Rings and Traits: Void 4
Skills: Divination (Astrology) 5, Lore: Spirit Realms 3, Lore: Theology 3
Honor: 6.0+
Special: Cannot have Shadowland Taint or any Advantage and/or Disadvantage associated with the Spirit Realms. Only Imperial families might take this path.

Technique: Heaven and Earth Banish All Evil – You can create an area free of supernatural influence after manipulating the enviroment for one hour. Roll Divination/Willpower with a TN defined by the size of the area (5 x each 10’ covered) and spend any number of Void Points. For a number of days equal to the Void Point spent, and while you are present, all spirit creatures are presented. Maho, kihos and spells can’t be cast inside the area. Shugenja school techniques can’t be used. Spells cast from outside into the room are negated and ongoing spells are cancelled. Onis and creatures natives to the Spirit Realms can’t enter the area and if they are present when you perform the ritual the are banished to their home spirit realms. Possessed individuals are free from spirit influence. Individuals with Touch of the Spirit Realms, Shadowland Taint, Curse of the Spirit Realms as well as any other creatures with connections with them in any way are target with a Fear effect with strength equal to the spent Void Points.

Otomo Astrologer

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