Restricted Options

Picking Restricted Items

By default, each character can have, maximum, one Restricted item at character creation upon answering Twenty Questions. A Kharma Point might be spend at creation to add another Restricted item (in additional to all other costs and requirements). In play acquisition of Restricted items is often due to story rewards and clever use of Favors, Allies and Obligations.

Agasha Family

The Tamori Family and Shugenja School in the Dragon section are renamed to “Agasha”. Additionally, while the Family bonus remains the same, the School bonus becomes Intelligence, and the School has an Affinity for Fire and a Deficiency for Water. They receive Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 Fire, 2 Earth, and 1 Air for their spells. Apart from that, the School remains the same (Technique, Outfit, etc). Despise their inclusion here, they don’t count as a Restricted item.


  • Togashi Tattooed Order
  • Shosuro Infiltrator
  • Shosuro Actor
  • Kaiu Engineer Basic School
  • Matsu Beastmaster
  • Kuni Witch-Hunter
  • Daidoji Scout
  • Kobune Captain
  • Hida Pragmatist
  • Ancestral Way of the Ki-Rin – Restricted option for non Fox or Badger samurai.


  • Allies
  • Blackmail
  • Blissful Betrothal
  • Dark Paragon
  • Darling of the Court
  • Different School – The Different School Advantage carries with it (for no additional points) an Obligation to the Clan of the School taken by the character.
  • Forbidden Knowledge
  • Friend of the Brotherhood
  • Gentry
  • Great Destiny
  • Higher Purpose
  • Inheritance
  • Inner Gift
  • Ishiken
  • Kharmic Tie – free for PCs, Restricted for NPCs and require GM’s approval.
  • Multiple Schools
  • Sacred Weapon
  • Sacrosanct
  • Servant
  • Touch of the Spirit Realm.
  • Bad Fortune
  • Bitter Betrothal
  • Consumed
  • Cursed by the Realm
  • Dark Fate
  • Dependant
  • Forced Retirement
  • Hostage
  • Jealousy
  • Lord Moon’s Curse
  • Sworn Enemy

Ronins/Katas/Advanced Schools/etc

All the material of the Book of Water is, by definition, Restricted.

Enemies of the Empire:

Any item besides Inheritance – Trained Falcon and Shadowed Heart is Restricted.

Emerald Empire:

All material other than schools is Restricted. Some schools are Restricted and Forbidden, the remaining are allowed freely.

Great Clans:

Bar exceptions, all items accepted. Material that would belong to the Book of Water of the Core Rulebook follows the default guidelines – Restricted.

Restricted Options

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