Season One AAR


The Following Will Shape Season Two…

The Rebels Have The Heir!

The Imperial Heir, Hantei Tomoro lives, and is in Mochiko’s custody. The Jinkon Ishi have the heir in a secluded location and being trained in their techniques.

The Alliance Lost Otosan Uchi!

The “death” of Hantei Tomoro weakened the hold of the Gozoku upon the Emerald Throne and were forced to abandon the capital. Only the great depression of the Emperor and Shiba Gaijushiko┬┤s absolute domain over the

Otomo Totogasi Was Saved

Otomo Totogasi was saved by the Paragons and remained a supporter of the Gozoku and neutered the Otomo resistance. For the last ten years of his life he supported the Asako and allowed them to take over the Imperial Bureaucracy.

Bakufu Had An Early Founding

All the attempts to destroy the early attempts at founding Bakufu were thwarted. With fifteen more years of development, the city will become greater than any other city in the Empire.

The Temple of Absolute Truth

The Temple of Absolute Truth was successfully cleared and founded. The Temple of Absolute Truth will rival the Order of the Four Temples for the rest of the century, until it be cast down as a heresy. It has a deep pro-Gozoku agenda.

The Exorcism of Shiro Bunzen

The ancient and haunted Kakita castle has been purified. The Shinsengumi have taken it and use it to rule the Empire, deeply improving their reach. The Lion have began to fortify Shiro Matsu…

The Holy Mother Was Born

In an undisclosed Seppun-guarded location. Will she return to Bakufu when she gets old enough?

The Cult Of the Ancient One Was Destroyed

The Cult of the Ancient One was defeated, their members killed or hiding out. The ritual to call the Army of the Wolf was stopped, and Toshiguku’s influence over the region was nullified.

The Crane Seize Imperial Holdings In Southern Rokugan

Most Imperial holdings in bellow the World Spine Mountains were seized by Doji Raigu to help his duties as Emerald Champion.

The Sparrow Are Born With Improved Resources

Backdoor diplomacy ensured that the Crane provided the nascent clan with slightly better lands. The Crab remained with their minimal proposal. Instead of taking lands from the Sparrow, the Seppun appropriate Crane holdings in retaliation of Raigu’s own take-over ten years ago.

Jinkon Ishi Supply Hideouts Saved

The Cult of the Ancient One were destroyed quite early, saving most of the hidden assets the Rebels have in the region.

The Rebels Have The Imperial Sword

Itto remains in rebellion and still carries the sword of the Son of Heaven.

Scorpion Take Control Of Bakufu Corruption

Bakufu remains a haven of corruption, but the Scorpion have took control over it. Nothing sort of burning it to the ground will detach the Shosuro family.

The Clan War Is Over

The Clan War is finished in a stalemate. The Yasuki were allowed to secede from the Crane. The Sparrow were created. Shiba Gaijushiko forces the Emperor Hantei Fujiwa to issue and edict forbidding war between clans.

Yojiresu Lives

Nobody tracked the mysterious Yojiresu. Hero or villain, his actions remain unchecked.

An Altar Of Evil

A dark altar of obsidian is hidden in the caves around the Lake of Sorrows, a tribute to Fu Leng. Rumors amongst its existence spread around tsukai and they will do anything to learn its location and tap its power. They speak of a magic bo which can show the way…

Heroes Of The People

Both the Jinkon Ishi and Doji Raigu gave much to the heimin in the aftermath of the Clan War. Both factions are well loved by the common people.

Season One AAR

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