Timeline of Recent Events

314Birth of the Crab-Nezumi alliance
First instance of cooperation between the Clan of Hida and the Ratlings.

339Founding of the Snake Clan
Isawa Chuda, a magistrate famed by his efforts hunting maho-tsukai, gains the right to found a small Clan; this boon was a reward from saving the Emperor Hantei Bosai from assassins. He makes Dragon Heart Plain home to his family.

347Founding of the Centipede Clan
Touched by the grace of Lady Sun, Isawa Mochi; a minor daimyo of the Phoenix and mother of eleven daughters, is authorized by the Emperor to found her own clan. With newfound liberty, the Centipede start establishing the wisdom of Lady Mochi.

353Victory Without Strike
Crane diplomacy puts a stop to the Lion-Phoenix War.

353Foundation of the Asahina Family
The Master of Air, Isawa Asahina, goes on a rampage on Crane lands, wishing to make them pay for their audacity in stopping the conflict. The spirit of sacrifice of the maiden Doji Kiriko breaks Asahina’s heart and he joins the Crane in penance, founding the peaceful family that shares his name.

Birth of Akodo Mitsuyuki, Shiba Gaijushiko and Bayushi Atsuki.

364Crab sent a prospecting delegation to the Twilight Mountains
Hida Ichido sends a mining and exploration team deep into the Twilight Mountains, in search of rich ores that could feed the ever-hungry Kaiu forges.

Matsu Mochohime was born.

368Imperial Heir
Hantei IV’s son and heir is born: Hantei Fujiwa. The Empress doesn’t survive the birth.

Doji Raigu is also born on the same year; he would become a very important piece for the Gozoku Sovereignty

372Founding of the Dragonfly Clan
Mirumoto Asijin, of the Dragon, and Isawa Maroko, of the Phoenix, fall deeply in love and marry. Unfortunate for the young couple, the beautiful samurai-ko was engaged to a Lion Clan samurai. The betrayed man, Akodo Yokutsu didn’t let the offense unpunished, and dragged his Clan into open conflict. The Dragon and the Phoenix support the couple, and join their armies, forcing the Lion to retreat. Asijin and Maroko settle on the paths to the Dragon lands, building a new Minor Clan – The Dragonfly.

The story doesn’t end here: Yokutsu was later insulted in court by an Agasha shugenja and uses this as an excuse to attack Dragon lands. His true target was not the Dragon, but the Dragonfly, and he tries to take their lands by force. An elderly Asijin challenges Yokutsu to a duel, and is defeated. In glory, the Lion declares himself Daimyo of the Dragonfly; the sons of Asijin refuse him and cut him down, repelling the general-less Lions from their lands.

And so started the ongoing hostility between Lion and Dragonfly, that will persist during the rest of the Gozoku era.

375Birth of Shiba Kaisen
Shiba Kaisen is born, destined to become one of the best bushi of the Phoenix history.

376Birth of Hida Tadaka
Hida Tadaka is born, and he will become a powerful and intelligent daimyo able to provide the Crab with the leadership they will need during wartime.

381New Lion Clan Champion
Akodo Mitsuyuki becomes Champion of the Lion Clan. His reign will be marked by his political passiveness , such as the lack of reaction to the “new” influence of the Gozoku.

Otomo Tohojatsu was born, the second son of Hantei Bosai.

Birth of Otomo Reju.

385 The Great Drought
A Great Drought descends upon the Empire, the greatest natural disaster ever since its inception. A force to be reckoned, it was the catalysis for some of the major changes of the end of the IVth century.

The Master of Void Dies: One of the most important victims of Drought, the Master of Void Isawa Dokeki dies without designated heir; this causes great turmoil in the Elemental Council, and the infighting greatly reduces the impact the Masters have on helping Rokugan deal with this crisis.

Founding of the Forest Killers: Hiro, a crafty rebel and ronin that plays the hero of the downtrodden creates the Forest Killers, the largest outlaw group the Empire will ever see. The Emerald Champion and the Magistrates make their destruction their highest priority; they end up killing Hiro in 387, the Forest Killers survived and haunted Rokugan ever since.

(Isawa) Asahina dies

Birth of the Triple Alliance: members of the Crane, Scorpion and Phoenix clans join together to find a solution to all the economic and politic crisis that the drought has brought to the Empire. As it grows more powerful in its administrative rolls, the Alliance will morph into the sovereignty of the Gozoku.

Usu no Oni attacks the Empire: The southern Crab lands are attacked by a creature known as Usu no Oni. It had Shiro Hiruma besieged and cut from the rest of the Crab clan. The divine intervention of the Imperial prince Hantei Fujiwa gave the Crab the change to turn back the attack.

387 First Clan War

The Peninsula of Hardened Waters was heavily contested between the Crane and Crab Clans, but never saw more than arguments in court and the occasional skirmish between Hida and Daidoji patrols. In a desperate bid to weaken one of the members of the Triple Alliance, Imperial intervention causes a full-blown war and the defection of Yasuki Tsanami, daimyo of the Yasuki family, to the Crab clan.

Hida Ichido dies under mysterious circumstances, forcing the young Hida Tadaka to take leadership. Exhausted by the oni attacks and the war with the Crane, he is the first daimyo to make a call for ronin to serve on the Wall.

The Emerald Champion is killed by Hiro, but not before inflicting lethal wounds on the leader of the infamous Forest Killers. His position remains vacant and is easily removed when the Gozoku take power.

A new Emperor: Hantei Bosai (IV) dies at the venerable age of 99. His son Fujiwa (V) takes his place, faced with bringing end to a war that he created.

388 Under The Mantle of War

The Merchant Coins: The nemuranai Merchant Coins was two sets of magical coins gifted by Asahina to the Yasuki family upon his married to the Crane Clane. They disappeared after the Yasuki broke from the Crane clan, stolen by the Daidoji daimyo, Daidoji Heugi.

Twilight Mountains Expedition: After various unsuccessful settlements, all failing to strike a productive metal vein, the expedition finally settles a mine worth of the Crab clan. Disgrace falls when a massive earthquake isolates the miners from the rest of the world; the Crab, busy with the war with the Crane, forget about them.

Creation of the Shinsen-gumi: The Emerald Magistrates and the Emerald Champion are dissolved, replaced by the Shinsen-gumi, a band of elite swordsmen.

The Heir Is Kidnapped: Doing the Gozoku’s bidding, Doji Raigu orders his militia, the Shinsen-gumi, to capture the heir Hantei Tomoro.

The First Ronins: Under coercion from Doji Raigu, Hantei Fujiwa declares many personalities of the Crab, Lion and even Crane clan outlaws under the spurious motive of “major violation of the dogma of Bushido”. Those that refuse to partake in seppuku become the first ronin. One of the most famed of these will be Matsu Mochihime.

389 Matsu Itagi

Matsu Itagi will become one of the most powerful bushi of Rokugan and ascend to the Lion Clan Championship at an early age. His pride will take the best of him and force him to attack the Shadowlands…

390 Formation of the Gozoku

Doji Raigu joins the leadership of the Alliance as a reward for his brave gambits. The Alliance changes name and restructures itself as the Gozoku – “The Voice of the People.” In the future, the ruling power will be called “Gozoku Sovereignty” by the people of Rokugan.

To oppose the Gozoku Sovereignty, the Jinkon Kishi arise: they will not stop until the Gozoku fall or they are destroyed to the last man.

Prelude: Hantei Fujiwa spends his Winter Court at Kyuden Bayushi. While many Clan Champions and family daimyos attend the Emperor’s court, many of their relatives are persuaded to attend the Winter Court at Otosan Uchi, at the Crane Embassy – hostages to ensure the loyalty of the Clans…

Timeline of Recent Events

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