House Hasegawa of Kakita

"The righteous swords that protect the helpless."



Dynasty Trait – Paragon

Demesne – ???

House hasegawa family tree


Kakita Hasegawa – The head of the family, which was named after himself in recognition for his deeds of protecting the helpless by fighting criminals such as bandits or ronin. Was often likened to the swordsman Hiro, protagonist of the prose epic known as The Journey of the Single Strike.

Shosuro Nariko – Almost immediately after House Hasegawa was formed, the Scorpion Clan were quick to offer one of their beautiful courtiers in marriage to Kakita Hasegawa. The two were happily married and had five children. Nariko has stood loyally by her husband’s side for many years.

Kakita Takumi – Hasegawa and Nariko’s eldest son. A strong but silent type who displays much of his father’s talent with the sword. Is expected to inherit leadership of the family in a few years as his father approaches the age of retirement.

Doji Eri – A lovely Doji maiden, trained as a courtier, who was wed to Takumi in an arranged marriage. Nothing is remarkable about their marriage.

Kakita Seichi – Takumi and Eri’s first son. Takes after his father in many ways. Studying at the Kakita Dueling Academy and is being tutored by his aunt Shino there.

Kakita Kichiro – Takumi and Eri’s second son. Has only recently begun studying at the dojo of the Doji Magistrates. This arrangement was made at the request of Doji Eri’s original family.

Kakita Eriko – Takumi and Eri’s third child and their only daughter. Still too young to enter a school, but it is likely that she will follow her eldest brother into the Kakita Dueling Academy.

Kakita Katsura – Hasegawa and Nariko’s second son, more outgoing and personable than his older brother. Like his father and brother, he upholds the family tradition of protecting the weak and defenseless.

Asami – A ronin priestess who fell in love at first sight with Katsura. At Nariko’s urging, Katsura took her in as a wife, despite her low social position.

Kakita Ami and Kakita Yukino – Katsura and Asami’s twin daughters, both confirmed to have inherited the gift of being able to speak to kami. They are still young and living in their mother’s care, but both will eventually study at the Asahina temples. The two are nearly inseparable.

Kakita Shino – Hasegawa and Nariko’s third child and their first daughter. Demonstrated herself to be a prodigy with the sword, but very naive about the world outside the walls of the Kakita Dueling Academy. She continues to reside in the Academy to refine her technique.

Kakita Naomi (player character) – Hasegawa and Nariko’s second daughter.

Kakita Kagami (Hostage) – Hasegawa and Nariko’s third and youngest daughter. She does not share the talent for swordsmanship that her brothers and sisters possess, but instead is gifted with a degree of her mother’s charms. Is trained as a Doji courtier.


House Hasegawa of Kakita

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