House Kagami of the Matsu


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Matsu Onohime: Oldest and head of the Matsu family, married to Akodo Kenji, is proud of her family and has high standards for them. Even though she is very strict, she is loving towards her family and might take chances to prevent them from getting harmed. Had 5 children, but her oldest son got killed in the war.

Akodo Kenji: Was married to Onohime in terms to strenght relations, and found true love in her. Takes care of most of the mundane burocraty.

Matsu Benihime: Second oldest, sister of Onohime, married to Matsu Shu, old matsu beastmaster, spends most her time to care for her beasts and to breed more of them. Some say she behaves a bit weird around them, but without a doubt she is one of the finest beastmasters of the Matsu with decades of experience. Lost 2 of her children to the war. Has 1 daughter left.

Matsu Shu: Happily married to Benihime, matsu berserker that survived his time in the army and retired after he lost his swordarm in battle. Enjoys Shogi, and war poetry.

Matsu Karohime: The youngest sister of Onohime. Was married to Doji Tori in a loveless marriage, but did her duty and conceived 2 daughters, Matsu sora and Matsu Kaori which in return were married to strenghten political bonds.

Matsu Kenshi: Old and lonely, and only brother of Onohime, he is a berserker that refused to get married for the sake of war. By the time his bloodlust was fullfilled, he was considered too old for marriage, and took up the duty of training new recruits and members of the family with his experience.

House Kagami of the Matsu

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