The Clans At The Beginning Of The Vth Century

The Crab

The boundaries of the Crab clan have changed over the centuries; in great part due to the relentless assault of the Shadowlands. The lands of the Hida extended upon Hiruma’s, until the castle only know to modern Rokugani as the “Ruins of the Morning.” To the south, arose the only defense from the Shadowlands, a “simple” series of palisades from Kyuden Hida to the East Watchtower. In front of Kaiu Kabe, the Builder’s Wall was the strongest defense point in the northern holds. A system of watchtowers with signal fires were all that was required to alert the Crab for an imminent Shadowlands attack.

The Kuni lands were yet to be ravaged by the Shadowlands; its fertile lands provided wealth for the many libraries and laboratories that the Kuni required for their research into the evils of the Shadowlands.

The river that divides the Crab lands – Kawa sano Saigo no Kamae, the river of the last resistance – had a more inviting name of Hikitate Kamae, the protecting river.

Shiro Kaotsuki no Higashi protected the Crab clan from invasions from East, but the Sons of Hida relied on the spirits of the nearby forest as much as the fortress proper. This arrangement changed during and after the Crane-Crab war for the Yasuki lands, and since then the Crab positioned one third of his strength along eastern fortifications

Relevant Locations On Crab Lands

  • Shiro Kaotsuki no Higashi
  • Kamisori sano Yoake Shiro
  • Kaiu Shiro
  • Kuda Mura
  • Nagai Aruki
  • Shiro Kuni
  • Shiro Hiruma
  • Sunda Mizu Mura
  • Yasuki Hanko
  • Kyuden Hida
  • Yasuki Yashiki
  • Umi Amaterasu
  • Yugure Yama
  • Heiwa et Kaze Heigen
  • Shiroi Kin Kawa
  • Hikitate kamae
  • Kabi ue no ho ni sa Umi
  • Kaiu Roka
  • Jinshin Sakana Wan
  • Shio Senkyo no Riku

The Crane (Northern)

The northern borders of the Crane, between the Lion and Phoenix and Imperial territories, have always been contested and unstable; the cause of great enmity between the Matsu family and the Crane clan. Even if this grudge was ancient indeed, the Victory Without Strike that ended the Lion-Phoenix war caused a recent revival of the conflict between the Right and Left Hands of the Emperor; which means the northern frontiers of the Crane clan were very different in the Vth century.

The Crane didn’t held Toshi Ranbo Wo Shien Shite Reigisaho (Violence Behind Courtliness City), relying instead on Shiro no Yojin, Vigilant Keep. Shiro no Yojin was one of the Shinsen-gumi strongholds, second in power only to the city of Bakufu. Fortunately for the Crane clan, they could always rely on their allies to protect its northern borders, specially the Wolf Clan (after the inception of the Ookami family and Ookami Toshi) and the Phoenix, their old alliance only strengthened by the creation of the Asahina family.

Relevant Locations On Northern Crane Lands

  • Shiro sano Kakita
  • Kosaten Shiro
  • Shiro Daidoji
  • Yufuku and Heigen Toshi
  • Kyuden Doji
  • Musume Mura
  • Shiro No Yojin
  • Benten Seido
  • Samui Kaze Toshi
  • Aketsu
  • Ookami Toshi
  • Oboreshinu Boekisho Kawa
  • Tanima sano Futatsu Taisho
  • Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi
  • Kawa Mitsu Kishi
  • Heigen no Otaku
  • Heigen sano Doji
  • Mizu-umi no Fuko
  • Plains of Osari
  • Kawa sano Zatu Shudoshi
  • Michi ni Mayotta Musume Irie
  • Umi Amaterasu

The Crane (Southern)

The Crane lands south of Kawa sano Zatu Shudoshi, The River of the Blind Monk, have always been much calmer than the heavily contested territory at north. The conflict with the Crab clan is the horrible exception to this tendency. When war is finally over due to an Imperial edict, the contest turns economically, the southern lands becoming the battlefield for commercial wars between the Yasuki and the Daidoji families. The son of Doji Onegano, Doji Sumire, was tasked with the creation of the Sparrow Clan and to relieve the tensions between Crane and Crab.

At west of the southern Crane lands lie the lands of the Sparrow, Crab and Fox. Amongst their duties, the Sparrow are tasked with the protection of the Plains of Amaterasu from military annexation by any Great Clan; a task the small clan takes with purity, humility and honor.

Relevant Locations On Southern Crane Lands

  • Mura Sabishii Toshi
  • Daidoji Training Grounds
  • Bakufu
  • Yama ue no ho ni Umi Mura
  • Shinden Asahina
  • Aiso ni Ryokosha Mura
  • Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi
  • Kawa Mitsu Kishi
  • Kawa sano Zatu Shudoshi
  • Michi ni Mayotta Musume Irie
  • Umi Amaterasu
  • Kabi ue no ho ni sa Umi
  • Jinshin Sakana Wan
  • Shio Senkyo no Riku
  • Bunya sano Asahina

The Dragon

The Dragon lands saw very little changes to its borders since those days, as only the Akodo family tried to claim their territory. Still, until the rise of the Kitsuki family and their possession of the southern lands of the Dragon, the lands of the Agasha, Mirumoto and Togashi remained unknown to most of Rokugan; an alien land of mystery and myth.

However, this situation has opened a little with the creation of the minor clan of the Dragonfly, south to Dragon lands: Kyuden Tonbo is now the Voice of the Dragon, a place where the rest of the Empire can finally communicate and negotiate with their elusive cousins.

While, traditionally, most of the military power of the Dragon resided on Mirumoto lands, this situation had to change due to the aggressive annexation of Ki-Rin lands by the Lion Clan. Forced to defend their western flank, the Dragon create Takaikabe Mura, High Wall Village. This would be the spearhead for the Mirumoto family until the Unicorn returned from their travels.

If Kyuden Tonbo was the diplomatic center of the Dragon, the city of Heibeisu was their commercial center. It was a lush city, surrounded by water and green rolling hills, mountains safeguarding it from bad weather. Everyone was openly accepted there, in particular members of the Phoenix Clan; in fact, many of the Phoenix samurai made a point of including Heibeisu on their travels.

Relevant Locations On Dragon Lands

  • Takaikabe Mura
  • Fukurokujin Seido
  • Yushosha Seido Mura
  • Kyuden Togashi
  • Shiro Agasha
  • Heibeisu
  • Shiro Mirumoto
  • Kyuden Tonbo
  • Toi Koku
  • Kyodai and Kabe sano Kita
  • Hinanbasho sano Mitsu Shimai
  • Kyodai and Josho Suru
  • Kyodai and Taiyo
  • Oboreshinu Boekisho Kawa

The Lion

The Lion Clan lands never been so vast as during the Gozoku Sovereignty; paradoxically, the Clan’s influence never been so low. The departure of the Ki-Rin clan left their lands open for banditry and gaijin invasion; an opportunity that the Lion Clan took to annex those fertile expanses. This action wasn’t without retaliation from other clans, members of the Imperial court or the most aggravated Fox Clan. This Minor Clan felt robbed from both their rightful holdings and their pledge to the Ki-Rin Clan.

So it came to pass that the Ikoma family controlled the vast expanses of the Ki-Rin, giving them ownership over large part of the western empire. With no news from their Ki-Rin cousins, the Ikoma quickly started founding their own villages and building their own castles. Two of these strong points were Shiranai Toshi, Darkness City, and the village of Rugashi.

The man reason behind the lose of military and politically significance for the Lion Clan was their vast lands. Not only they required them to be as stretched thin as the Crab clan on their defense against the Shadowlands; the Lions also had to fight constant peasant rebelions, which they suspected the Scorpion Clan was funding – perhaps a ploy to weaken the main opposition to the Gozoku Sovereignty.

Despite their humongous land holdings, the Lion clan still lacked Kenson Gakkai and Shiro No Yojin, albeit they still held control of Toshi Ranbo.

Relevant Locations On Lion Lands

  • Toshi no Meiyo Gisei
  • Mura sano Eiyu ni Suru
  • Shiro sano Ken Hayai
  • Rugashi
  • Shiranai Toshi
  • Foshi
  • Renga Murai
  • Kyuden Ikoma
  • Bishamon Seido
  • Toshi Ranbo Wo Shien Shite Reigisaho.
  • Tonfajutsen
  • Shiro Matsu
  • Shiroi Kishi Mizu-umi
  • Kawa Nemui
  • Shiroi Kishi Heigen
  • Oboreshinu Boekisho Kawa
  • Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi
  • Kawa Mitsu Kishi
  • Heigen no Otaku
  • Kawa no Kin
  • Lookout Mountain

The Phoenix

The lands of the Phoenix tend to be peaceful; the constant threat of Lion invasion has changed that. In the Vth century the Phoenix are turning back to their peaceful and tranquil lives, thanks to the peace treaty signed on the village of Noshiro. The village quickly turns into Mamoru Kyotei Toshi, Honored Treaty City, a monument to the seven centuries of peace that were expecting the Phoenix lands. As such, their borders didn’t change a lot over the ages.

Even if the clan itself saw little battle and their lands weren’t under direct assault, the Phoenix lands were witness to some of the most epic confrontations between Jinkon kishi and Shinsen-gumi, namely on the Nani-Aku Heiti Heigen, the Plain of Seven Thousand Men, where on the previous century seven hundred Shiba bushi and many shugenjas defeated a Lion army seven thousand men strong.

Shinsei Na Sumai Mura is also in Phoenix lands, the village where Shinsei was born, filled with temples and shrines built by Shiba Esade, the Master of Earth at the time. At the time, each pilgrim was expected to bring a single rock, helping Esade build more and more shrines.

Relevant Locations On Phoenix Lands

  • Seido Jurojin
  • Kitamihari
  • Doro Owari Mura
  • Aojiroi Oku Shiro
  • Kyuden Isawa
  • Michita Yasumi
  • Shinsei Na Sumai Mura
  • Reihaido Uikku
  • Shiro Asako
  • Shiro Shiba
  • Mori Kage Toshi
  • Mamoru Kyotei Toshi
  • Toshi no Omoidoso
  • Kyodai and Kabe sano Kita
  • Tani Giza
  • Mori Isawa
  • Nani-aku Heitai Heigen
  • Nemui Kaminari Yama
  • Kanawa Taki
  • Tanima sano Futatsu Taisho
  • Kiken Roka
  • Yama no Kuyami
  • Umi Amaterasu

The Scorpion

At the beginning of the Vth century the Scorpion lacked the military strenght expected from a Great Clan, being slightly more powerful than Minor Clans like Mantis and Fox. Still, this didn’t mean they didn’t stand out: because of their strong political influence and strong allies, they could rely on them for protection of its borders. Chief amongst those allies were the other two members of the Gozoku, Crane and Phoenix.

This perspective would change as Bayushi Junzen came to power. An impressive bushi, he and his personal guard – the Blood Guard – created a rule of terror. Any lord that refused to send men to swell his army was overtaxed to death; and for the first and only time in Rokugan history the Scorpion had a military capable of rival with the most militant Great Clans. The most famous and enduring symbol of Junzen’s mindset was when he hanged his own son in the Traitor’s Grove for betraying the clan.

When the Gozoku came to power, he declared many samurai dishonorable. This caused them to turn into ronin; many of these men and women used the plain south of Scorpion lands as meeting place, warranting that land its name of Ronin Chiiki.

The borders would remain constant for the next seven hundred years. Only Shiro no Meiyo would be lost to the Lions and renamed Kenson Gakkai.

Relevant Locations On Scorpion Lands

  • Pokau
  • Shiro no Soshi
  • Ryoko Owari Toshi
  • Shiro no Meiyo
  • Kakusu Keikai Torid-e (
  • Shiro no Shosuro
  • Nihai Tower
  • Yogo Shiro
  • Beiden
  • Ginasutra
  • Kyuden Bayushi
  • Kagoki
  • Hotei Seido
  • Shimomura
  • Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi
  • Kawa Mitsu Kishi
  • Heigen no Kaminari
  • Kawa no Kin
  • Roka Beiden
  • Shiroi Kin Kawa

The Minor Clans & Imperials

The Imperial holdings remain pretty much the same as modern Rokugan: Rokugan Yogosha Heigen, the Emerald Champion Plains, the Dawn Peninsula, Heigen Nhayai Mondai and Hanto No Nichibotsu, around the city of Otosan Uchi. The city built in the middle of the beautiful Mizu Umi No Fuko was the defacto capital of the Empire during the Gozoku Sovereignty, and so it could be considered an “imperial” holding.

The frontiers of the various minor clans are harder to pinpoint. At the time the minor Clans lacked proper military or political power, so they had to ally themselves with a Great Clan to protect their frontiers.

For example, the minor clan of the Snake, based on Heigen Ryo Kokoro, had a mutual alliance with the Phoenix clan.

The Fox Clan had a much convulsed history, as they lacked the protection of a Great Clan. They built and used Shiro Otaku Shojo to guard and protect the lands of the Ki-Rin, but were forced to abandon these lands, and wander the Empire. Finally, the Emperor gave leave to the Kitsune family to settle in Shinomen Mori. The Gozoku Sovereignty would later award the Fox Shiroi
Heigen Kishi, White Shore Plain, in an attempt to weaken the Lion Clan.

The Dragonfly, the Centipede and later the Dragon enjoyed strong alliance and geographic features, and as such, remained with stable borders.

The strongest minor clan, the Mantis, remained strong due to their isolation in Shima No Koshinryo and Shima No Kinu. But even the Sea of Amaterasu would prove to be not enough when the Gusai family overstepped in their ambitions…

Relevant Locations On Imperial and Minor Clan Lands

  • Kyuden Miya
  • Palace of the Emerald Champion
  • Kiken and Roka Toshi/Ryu Bannin Toshi
  • Mura Higashi Chushin ; Mura Minami Chushin ; Mura Nishi Chushin ; Mura Kita Chushin
  • Yoake Fusheru
  • Otosan Uchi
  • Kyuden Seppun
  • Nichibotsu Fusheru
  • Mizen Mura
  • Reihaido Shinsei
  • Shinden Osano-Wo
  • Shiro Heichi
  • Dangai
  • Kaia Osho Mura
  • Kitsune Mori Mura
  • Kyuden Kitsune
  • Kyuden Suzume
  • Koutetsukan
  • Kyuden Gotei
  • Toshi no Inazuma
  • Tokigogachu
  • Maigosera Seido
  • Shiro Ichiro
  • Exile’s Road
  • Kibukito
  • Shiro Otaku Shojo
  • Kurayami-ha Mura
  • Shiroi Kishi Mura
  • Mura nisa Kawa Nemui
  • Otaku Seido
  • Daikoku Seido
  • Hisatu-Kesu
  • Kanashimi no Komichi
  • Kyodai and Kabe sano Kita
  • Heigen Ryo Kokoro
  • Mizu-umi Ryo
  • Nagashi Naga Toshi
  • Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi
  • Kiken Roka
  • Yama no Kuyami
  • Heigen no Hayai Mondai
  • Rokugan Yogasha Heigen
  • Hanto no Yoake
  • Naga Doro Heigen
  • Wan sano Kin Taiyo
  • Tani Hitokage
  • Mizu-umi no Fuko
  • Tani Senshio
  • Umi Amaterasu
  • Yugure Yama
  • Mizu-umi no Sakura Yuki
  • Shiroi Kin Kawa
  • Kin Taiyo Heigen
  • Shima no Koshinryo and Shima no Kinu
  • Wan no Asaguroi Mizu

The Clans At The Beginning Of The Vth Century

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